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    January 29, 2008


    Carole Foster

    Excuse me, but it's "Dump your junk"!!, not your best friend!!!


    If I saw a person drop off a dog with food at the church and then I saw the same person again, I would be compelled to get to know him/her better. I would assume that "second sighting" to be a confirmation that God intended for our paths to cross. I would want to know as much about the person as possible . . . specifically their issues with the dog. :) While the action was a bit irresponsible it could have been a lot worse. First and foremost, the person did leave the dog at the greatest church in all of metro Atlanta. He/she felt confident it would be cared for at Stonecreek as opposed to leaving it on the freeway to die. Furthermore, the person left the dog with a bowl of food instead of choosing to let it starve. It is obvious that the responsibility of having the dog (time, financial or otherwise) became overwhelming and resulted in the owner making this rash decision. We have all shirked our responsibilities at some point. Metaphorically speaking, we have all dumped a few dogs . . . sometimes without food . . . and at places besides the church. What an excellent opportunity to assist the dog and take in the owner!?!


    I would say..."Were you expecting that bowl of food to provide shelter, love, and last a lifetime?"

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