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    January 20, 2008


    Karen Roub

    I think the best part of Sunday mornings, for me, is listening to the band practice while I am in the kitchen getting the communion ready and, also, just to visit a few minutes with people to see how their week went!


    My favorite part of Sunday morning is watching my kids connect with their friends in meaningful ways, and seeing them raid the peppermint bowls and LOVE their environments. I love that they LOVE going to church, and that Stonecreek has created excellent environments in Splash! and Kidzu that compel them to want more!

    My second favorite part (I've got many) is watching so many different people serve the God they love through a ministry they love. It's cool to see people start attending then take their steps to serve in one of our ministries and own the vision as their own!


    The best part of the week for me is being able to connect with the family that God has given me in Stonecreek church, to work alongside them, and to share in the love and support that is all over our halls. It is a constant reminder that God never takes something away that he does not replace in a much better way.


    I just love my husband, baby and I getting up to spend our day with God and reflect on ways we can strive to be better people. It is a nice end to our week and helps us start our new week positive. Stonecreek is a GREAT place to do that as well.

    Linda Clover

    My favorite part of Sunday is remembering bits and pieces of the message all through the week. I find that I laugh, truly laugh, at the humor offered during the messages. These laughs come back to me during the week; I remember how the humor is tied to the message and before you know it, I'm reminded of my relationship to God and what I should be doing with my life. It is truly a blessing.

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